“Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent VanGough

These are a few examples taken out of our guest book from family, friends, and friends of friends that have stayed with us over the years and before embarking on our new B&B venture.

Testimonial #1

The Block Vista is a beautiful place to visit, predominantly so because of the people who reside here. I’ve loved my early morning cuppas overlooking the rolling hills and breathing in the fresh morning air and listening to the birds call. It is very peaceful, relaxing and good for the soul. Even in this short time I feel refreshed and hope I can take the sense of peace from here to home.

Testimonial #2

Thanks Doug & Chris for your wonderful hospitality as usual. Who could complain – good food, warm bed, kind hearts.

Testimonial #3

Thank you Doug & Chris for having us here. The views are just wonderful. Hospitality and friendship second to none.

Testimonial #4

Yet another lovely stay with Chris & Doug - perfect weather, perfect place. Feel so at home here.

Testimonial #5

Stayed with our beautiful family on the most peaceful place on earth. Your own piece of paradise.

A few reviews from some International students who were staying with family members and had the chance to visit.

Testimonials #6

I am so happy to come here before I go back to Japan. This place is best of the whole world and I will never forget.

Testimonials #7

Thank you Doug & Chris. I really got lots of fun in here. The scenery here is so amazing. I have seen a wallaby and spotted rabbits at night with a torch. It’s a really, really authentic Australian life. I will come back again another time.

Testimonials #8

I had great, great experiences here!! I was so excited and hope to come here again. Next time, I want to see a kangaroo.

Testimonials #9

I feel like I was in a different world! No skyscrapers, no noises, I just enjoyed myself. It was so enjoyable that I totally forgot my studies and other pressures.